General Donation Box

Greetings! This is the general donation fund for various uses by BRAMBA. This includes, but is not limited to, trail projects, trail features, misc. tools, workday meals and drinks, and other various means as voted on by the BRAMBA Board.


Comite River Park Full Loop

Want to get text messages anytime we have updates/events?

Sure you do! 

We created an IFTTT Applet that allows you to receive a text when the trail status is changed or we want to invite you out to the trails for some fun!


Please update your aplet now! Connection ID should be WfYMbpjd

Step 1: Download IFTTT app (or use website)

Step 2: Make an IFTTT account

Step 3: Then come back and click this special (UPDATED) link

Step 4: Turn it on - make sure you have your cell phone included

Congrats: You will have instant text messages when we post anything important on our blog (updates & events).  See you on the trails!

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